River City Players (RCP) is a group of dedicated local individuals who, through their hard work, talents, and tireless efforts bring quality theatrical presentations to our under-served corner of Appalachia. Despite being an itinerant troupe, as there are no actual theaters in our county, RCP members' love of the performing arts provides us the impetus to continually create productions of a higher standard.
First established in 2001, RCP strives to keep the creative spirit alive through a wide range of performances and special events that promote education, encourage artistic exchange and support the local economy. Our goal is to foster an appreciation for the joys and rewards of the live theater, and to provide affordable theatrical events for audiences of all ages and interests. By encouraging participation in theatrical events, we hope to create a positive and rewarding experience for both our members and our audiences. For a complete list of our past productions and production photos, visit our “Past Shows” section.

If you are a lover of the theater, whether comedy, drama or the musical stage, then you too can play and integral part in bringing the arts to Appalachia. If you "tread the boards", sing, dance or prefer working behind the scenes, there is a place for you at RCP. Even if you possess little of the above talents, your support as a valued, regular member of the audience is essential to the success of our organization.